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California state department of consumer affairs homepage is designed to help californians become informed consumers by learning their rights and protection., portal. How to deem a house unlivable. every home for rent must be safe to live in ("habitable"). a home isn't habitable when it has serious problems that make staying in the. Can i turn off utilities if roommate does not pay the rent? asked by maria del rio, san francisco, ca • sat apr 30, 2011.

Find out when and how to pay less rent in california when your landlord fails to fix major problems in your rental unit.. California tenants l.a. county department of consumer affairs rent stabilization. for all issues not covered under the local beverly hills chapter 5 or 6 rent. My section 8 tenant is a c-tenant, always pays rent late or failure to pay for a couple of months. his lease expired last november and i haven't renewmy section 8.

How to resolve landlord disputes. landlords and tenants don't always see eye-to-eye. in fact, many different types of disputes can arise. for example, you might. California department of consumer affairs a guide to tenant's & landlord's rights and responsibilities